So I arrived soaking wet and ten minutes late to this production after all sorts of spirits tried to ruin my plans. I worked 6/10 of the hours that I must just so I could make it and headed for the train station. I was ten minutes from Rondebosch where I needed to get off and with my calculations I would be there by 18:19 and boy was I wrong. The train did not come and I got to Rondebosch with two minutes to spare before the show started and a five minute jog away from the theatre in the pouring rain. Now imagine the smell of curry and dampness cause that’s what I probably smelled like. I’m so sorry to the people who sat around me. Anyway by the Lord’s grace,I made it in after the show had started. I missed ten minutes though and I was really bummed out.

The performance was outstanding.

Seven cast members, three props and the conversation of a life time. 

I felt like I had been transported back to that time last year when the #RhodesMustFall hash tag took over my timeline and I could feel those emotions again. It ceased to be an event and it became a full blown revolution. I couldn’t agree more with all the things that I heard in that play. 

Something powerful was happening in that theatre as issues of race, gender, patriarchy, classicism and queerphobia were discussed. For a brief moment I could relax and have someone say for me the things I have often failed to articulate. It wasn’t just Rhodhes, it was bigger than that and this time we were all included.

One could not have been part of the audience and left the same. For some it was the beginning of unlearning the prejudices they had and for others it was the awakening of the once dormant beast. A realisation of what had really occurred and the zeal to change it.

As a foreigner, this play was not the telling of a story that belonged to South African youth alone but a narration of my own. I too wished for the same things these comrades wished for. 

A lot happened in that hour and a half and the experience was one that demands that you be there. If you can you have three days to make it, this is a worthwhile event. 

I am excited to do more things off this list

Thank you for reading.

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  1. shadisardonix says:

    is this the BBC show starring Jamie Dornan we are talking about or something else?


    1. Her Majesty says:

      Nope, this is a theatre production based on the student movement at the University of Cape Town.


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