I have never viewed myself as the working kind and I’ve only ever worked when it was necessary. I remember  back in school when everyone dreamt of being a lawyer, doctor, unicorn etc I had to try and figure out what demanded the least hours so I could be happy. Save to say I never found that thing and I was really bummed out. 

The perfect job would have something to do with me being paid to breathe. I am definitely the laziest person in the whole wide world. The thought of working exhausts me but I like things also. I want to travel the world, meet lots of people, shop till I drop, eat, see my predicament?

So no I have no job I absolutely want to do. I am lazy and proud. Go away you judgemental prick.


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THE BITS AND BOBS IN MY BRAIN. Check out the challenge post right here.



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  1. woeful2016 says:

    You could try making money from blogging, working on your terms doing the things you love!

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    1. Her Majesty says:

      This is actually something I would love to do but I have no idea how it works.


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