Okay, we all know crazy things happen in the dark. You are minding your own business and getting cosy in that warm bed of yours when all of a sudden you see a diabolical figure floating mid air. You switch on the light after grabbing the bat you keep under your bed for such instances and the background music to your movie type scene is your heartbeat. Alas it’s just the outfit you laid out for tomorrow, oh so you think. This monster is sneaky, you can’t find it under the bed, you have no option but to lie in your bed and shake with fear until you’re knocked out. 


I absolutely hate being more than a meter above the ground. I hate flying, going up stairs, elevators, crossing bridges, the works. 


Okay so you build your whole life, develop a character only for it to be toned down by someone? You who needs help waking up in the morning must now help another with everything? Also this compromise thing is not for me, I could live with a compromise I make for the next two/ three years but ten? Twenty? That cannot be me. I’m alright by myself. *Plans to stay single foreveR*


I have big dreams that I want to see materialise. I cannot imagine a satisfactory life without them. I wouldn’t see any point in living if this happened to be honest.


People are evil and whether we acknowledge it or not, they are still evil. I can’t ever receive any acts of kindness without a heap load of skepticism. I don’t trust a living soul, harm can come from anyone.


I don’t want to ever go back to the point in my life that I was the lowest. I have pretty much been happy for the last three months and I would like to keep it that way. I battled with depression for over six years and it dragged on for so long it became normal. I’m getting used to confidence and smiling again and I’m in love with it. 



This has been day “eight” of the thirty day challenge by 
THE BITS AND BOBS IN MY BRAIN. Check out the challenge post right here.



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