After going through years of pretending to be happy I finally found a plethora of activities, things and beings that make me genuinely happy. So here goes my list:


This is the most therapeutic thing ever. My content is messy because I write about anything and everything I feel like and it gives me so much joy. There’s also a sense of belonging that you acquire. You get to interact with bloggers from different walks of life and read their stories.

My Hair

Going natural was one of the best things I’ve done for myself. I love that my hair has volume and the way it looks after I’ve washed it. I love that I redefine beauty and professionalism by simply wearing the hair that grows out of my scalp.


I love to read. I love reading works by Africans in particular because for a long time I could never read a book and nod at an experience because it was too foreign. Now when I read, I grab hold of different parts of me. Reading also gives me an opportunity to live a different life. I like to read books by those different to me. I read blogs, books from Wattpad and Kindle but my favorite still remains paperback.

Brief Conversations

I don’t really care for long standing companions. I just want to spend time with someone, only for a moment, have a conversation that shakes my world and end it when I’m still wanting. I don’t like things to be concluded because I think life has a way of calling out whatever conclusions we may have as rubbish. I like brief exchanges just to stop me from being lonely.


Need I say more? WiFi is God’s gift to humanity and I will forever be grateful.


I absolutely love food. I don’t even stop eating when I’m full. I want big portions of food too and I have zero patience for table etiquette, I’m such a lady.


I like discovering new things. When I find a new book, a new chill spot or some new information I feel really happy. I just want to discover something new each and every day.

That is my list of things that make me happy. I could go on but I don’t fancy doing any more than I already have. What are the things that make you happy?


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This has been day “nine” of the thirty day challenge by 
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  1. Britney says:

    I love food too. I’m constantly eating. I agree with what you said about blogging as well. It’s quite fulfilling.


    1. Her Majesty says:

      Yay! Fellow foodie. I just love to eat and I’m not ashamed. Yes blogging definitely has many benefits.

      Thank you for reading xx


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