Show Me Your Secrets

This month marks six months since I moved to the beautiful city of Cape Town and whilst it may not be the actual month, it may be July actually, it's close to my one year blogversary. So basically half of my blogging journey has been in two different places and I have changed a lot.... Continue Reading →


I miss you... Too many days have gone by since we last held hands, since we laughed together and ventured on paths uknown to unbelievers. Remember the pain I had that you took as yours? You carrying me and leading me through the mists of life that still haven't cleared. Do you remember all those... Continue Reading →


If you hadn't noticed I was on hiatus and now that I'm back I have very little strength or interest to continue the 30 day challenge. I will indulge you in some of the blog challenges gradually throughout the coming year though but at a slower pace.  This year I have managed to read a... Continue Reading →


I don't have one place in particular that I want to go to. So I will just refer you to this post here. Why? Because I want to see the world. Day 5/30 complete I suppose. Tired and out of wifi. How nice! HM

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